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Scientific Management Review Board

Working Group

IRP Charge

NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP) Workgroup Charge

The NIH Intramural Research Program Working Group of the SMRB is convened to recommend to the full SMRB whether any change in the organization and/or management of NIH intramural research could further optimize the opportunities available in a central research program at NIH and maximize human health and/or patient well being. Given that recent internal assessments have pointed toward the urgency of addressing the fiscal vitality of the NIH Clinical Center, the Working Group will carry out the following tasks in order:
  1. An analysis of and recommendations regarding the fiscal sustainability and utilization of the NIH Clinical Center; and
  2. An analysis of and recommendations regarding the optimal organization of the overall NIH intramural research program.

In addressing these aims, the IRP Working Group will be mindful of scientific opportunities, public health needs, and new research technologies, and include in its considerations:

  1. The current function, scope, organization, and role of the intramural research program and Clinical Center
  2. Criteria for contemplating changes in the organization and management;
  3. Alternative business models;
  4. Strategies for implementing changes in the organization and management; and
  5. Metrics and methodologies that could be used for evaluating the impact of changes in the organization and management.
This page last reviewed on December 31, 2009

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