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Scientific Management Review Board

Working Group Activities

Pre-college Engagement in Biomedical Science (PEBS)

NIH charges the SMRB Working Group on Pre-college Engagement in Biomedical Science with recommending ways to optimize NIH's pre-college programs and initiatives that both align with the NIH mission and ensure a continued pipeline of biomedical science students and professionals. In addressing this charge, the SMRB should:

  1. Examine the evidence base for successful approaches for pre-college biomedical science programs aimed at strengthening the biomedical workforce pipeline;
  2. Identify the attributes, activities, and components of effective pre-college biomedical science programs, including the role and relative importance of teacher training programs;
  3. Identify those points in the pre-college biomedical workforce pipeline where NIH’s efforts could be applied most effectively, given finite resources; and
  4. Define ways for NIH to improve the evidence base for effective pre-college biomedical science programs.

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